He writes, directs and designs the production. He is the soul and the emblem of the project.  He is a visionary director and he has a way with words. His patience and perseverance are real and they wear a 15. FIRST SEGMENT: FIRST UNIT & SECOND UNIT. SECOND SEGMENT: FIRST UNIT & SECOND UNIT. THIRD SEGMENT: FIRST UNIT &...
She directs the art department and she supervises the montage. Art is dying because of the cold and because you want to sleep. When it seems that Paula reaches her limit, she overcomes it. She is an undisputed versatile person. She made things for the film that you had never imagined. SECOND SEGMENT: FIRST UNIT &...
Executive production and electric department. They are the parents of the project. It was not enough to give their son a good start in life. Now, they have to do the same with the son of the devil.FIRST SEGMENT: FIRST UNIT & SECOND UNIT. FIRST SEGMENT: FIRST UNIT & SECOND UNIT. SECOND SEGMENT: FIRST UNIT & SECOND UNIT....
She directs the production. She is a self-taught producer, she created the film and the film created her. She might be a Galician witch (meiga) because she has done the film with premonitions. FIRST SEGMENT: FIRST UNIT & SECOND UNIT. SECOND SEGMENT: FIRST UNIT.
He directs the photography and he supervises the montage. With an Archimedes’ style and its Archimedean point, you can give him Chinese lanterns and he will light up the world. FIRST SEGMENT: FIRST UNIT. SECOND SEGMENT: FIRST UNIT & SECOND UNIT. THIRD SEGMENT: FIRST UNIT.
He prepares the cast from the makeup department. Cook in the real world and makeup artist in the fantasy world. He has a disciplined thought because, in the end, everything needs moderation regarding the quantity and a good presentation. FIRST SEGMENT: FIRST UNIT & SECOND UNIT. SECOND SEGMENT: FIRST UNIT. THIRD SEGMENT: FIRST UNIT.
She is in charge of the production leadership. Despite of her fear of witches, she makes the film working. The film is a daily challenge against her children’s terrors. THIRD SEGMENT: FIRST UNIT & SECOND UNIT & THIRD UNIT. SPECIAL EFFECTS SHOOTING. MAXITURES SHOOTING: SEGMENT 1 & SEGMENT 2.
cast 2  gal 2